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AD Stitching Template Kit - T9 | Restocking in Early May

Today I'm sharing a closer look at one of the AD Stitching Template Kits. This one has a large rainbow design and is stitched with a "string-art" style.

We did a pre-order for these stitching template kits a few months ago and are working on producing more to restock them at Scrapbook Generation. They will be available online and in store in early May. I've also got two new ones in the works!

These stitching template kits include a 12x12" piece of cardstock with a penciled design on it and the embroidery floss to complete the stitching. They do not have pre-pierced holes so you will need a paper piercer to complete the design.

They also come with a PDF instructional with a large photo of the layout and the steps to complete the stitched design.

They do not come with the additional supplies to complete the layout. I wanted these to be simple kits that are focused on the stitching. You can either complete a layout like mine using your own supplies or you can do your own thing.

Shop all sketches here: Allison Davis Sketches 

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