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Creating w/ 6x6" Paper Pads Design Concept | Birthday Trampoline

This layout showcases a common design concept I like to use, especially with 6x6" paper pads. It features a row of photos along the bottom with a row of papers along the top, grouped together to form one large block in the center of the layout.

To add a special element to the design I added a cluster along the seam of the photos and papers. There are lots of arrows that are accented with circles and stars.

There are so many ways you can play around with the simple concept. Changing up the photos, the paper design, or the placements.

Here are a few more ideas:

• Use photos and papers that match. For example: 4 x 4" photos paired with 4 x 4" squares.

• Change up the design of the paper row. Try horizontal strips, vertical strips, smaller squares, hexagons, slanted squares, or triangles.

• Swap the placement by putting the photos along the top and the papers along the bottom.

• Mix up the photos and papers. For example: alternate the placement of your photos and papers like a 4 x 4" photo on the bottom with a 4 x 4" square on top, then for the next one use a 4 x 4" photo on the top with a 4 x 4" square on bottom.

• Add some small accent photos on the paper row.

It's such a simple concept that can produce tons of different results!

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