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Fun With Photo Blocks #7

Get the best of both worlds by including more photos with a large photo block on one side of your layout while still having some fun by creating a more traditional scrapbooking design on the other.

I don't think I will ever be in shortage of beach photos which makes me incredibly happy because beach and water themed layouts tend to be my favorite to design.

For the large photo block design on the right page, I used three 6 x 4" photos on the left and then a large 6 x 12" piece to fill in the rest.

I know I've mentioned it before, but one of things I love most about creating these large photo block designs is that I see each piece as a different design opportunity.

A few things I did on this side are:

On the top 6x4" photo, I added a 2 x 2" photo and a heart die cut to the empty space in the larger photo. I like to utilize empty space in photos to add a few embellishments or smaller photos.

The middle photo you might not even realize it is a photo until you look a little closer. I used a beach water/sand photo for the backdrop of the cut out letters on the 6 x 4" card. There was enough space above the words to add my journaling.

On the 6 x 12" piece, I added some small photos to the design on the patterned paper.

The smallest photos are 1 x 2" and takes the place of one rectangle design. The large photo is 2-1/4 x 4-1/4" and it takes the place of four rectangle designs.

Anytime I see a design like this I always imagine adding some photos in place to make it more personalized to my layout.

On the left page, I created a large sunburst design for my background.

Sunbursts are one of my go-to designs for summer themed layouts. For this one I kept the whole paper as one piece and cut out the small spaces between each piece. The uncut part that is holding it all together is hidden behind the photos.

To add some extra detail to the sunburst design I added hand stitching and enamel dots.

Then to finish the look, I added some cute cloud embellishments above and below the photos.

Would you believe this layout has 17 photos on it! I know a lot of them are small, but that's still a lot of photos!

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