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NEW Creating with Sketches Guide

The very first online class I ever created was back in 2013 and it was all about sketches and how to adapt them. It's been 10 years since then so I thought it was due for an update. I've officially retired Sketch Support: The Class from our online store and replacing it with this...


• 42 page PDF breaking down everything you need to know about how to adapt and customize a sketch to better fit your needs. Covers topics like changing up the papers, the theme and embellishments, the photos, and the size of the layout. This PDF is filled with sketch and layout examples from the monthly Sketch Support series and other sketches as examples of the topics covered.

• 5 full one-page sketches with measurements and placements

• 5 full two-page sketches with measurements and placements

• 255 sketch examples - each of the 10 sketches has a 4-page PDF showing 25-26 examples of how you can adapt and customize that particular sketch. There are some really fun and unique sketch options in there!

*If you took the Creating w/ Sketches class at the 2022 She Loves Color, Designer Day with Allison Davis - this includes the PDF materials from that class, plus an additional two one-page sketches, four two-page sketches, and the sketch examples that go with them.

Last year I taught three classes at the She Loves Color event for Designer Day and I had decided that I wanted to teach one about sketches and how to adapt them. I thought it would be a good opportunity to develop a new, complete guide to replace the old Sketch Support class. Since I so often teach and share about sketches through classes and my Sketch Support series, I wanted to have a guide available that took all that information and put into one place.

You can find this new guide at Scrapbook Generation here:

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