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Picking Pumpkins

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with Fall. I love the leaves changing colors, the cooler temperatures, and hello, pumpkin spice everything! I do not so much love that Fall never seems to last long enough and is the gateway to Winter, which I am not a fan of. At all. If I could just fly south for the Winter and spend it at a beach, I would be much happier.

When it comes to scrapbooking, Fall is one of my favorites and I really lucked out having a red-headed child that always seems to match perfectly with whichever Fall-themed collection I use. For me, when papers and pictures match up, I do a little happy dance/shimmy similar to one I might do when eating something deliciously dangerous like loaded cheese fries or homemade mac & cheese. (I’m officially hungry now!)

For this layout I used a one-page sketch, but to add a little twist to it, I tilted the design slightly. This is an incredibly easy way to change up the look of a sketch without changing much of the design. This also gave me a little more room to add the large swirls going down the page.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts about how I like to create movement on my pages. Falling leaves are a great opportunity to have that movement on a layout. To make the stitched swirl design, I used a large chipboard flourish as a template to trace the design onto my layout. I added a few extra swirls to expand the design a little and to fit around my title.

For the leaves, I used a mixture of stickers, chipboard, and smaller leaves cut out of a piece of patterned paper. The last details I added were a few enamel dots and the cute little owl sticker.

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