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PRE-ORDER NOW | Allison Davis Stitching Template Kits

I learned with the first pre-order that there are lots of stitchers out there! I swear it wasn't long ago that I would teach a class and everyone would groan when I mentioned stitching! You've all come to the dark side with me! And, I welcome you with open arms and new stitching template kits...

This month we are doing pre-orders for the three shown below. Here's all the info:

• The pre-order is from Wednesday, November 15 through Wednesday, November 29.

The kit includes:

- a 12x12" piece of cardstock with the stitching design sketched onto it

- the embroidery floss needed to complete the design

- a layout example showing how to design a layout with the stitched design

- PDF with stitching instructions

- there's also a video tutorial on YouTube showing how to use the kit and how to stitch with 4 different techniques

*The template kits do not have pre-pierced holes. The design is drawn onto the paper with a pencil and you will have to pierce the holes.

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