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Quick & Easy Layout Design Using 6x6" Papers

One of the greatest benefits to using 6x6" paper pads is how much time they can save you. Part of that, for me, comes down to it being easier and faster to select which paper pad I want to use and what papers from that pad I want to use, but that's not the only way these papers can save us time. When you use full sheets with no cutting, those layouts go together so quick!

My layout today is a very simple layout design made up of four 6x6" full sheets for the background. For two of those papers I used a busier pattern paired with a more subtle pattern and a solid paper. I wanted some pattern in that background while also not overwhelming and overshadowing my photos.

For the photo design, I again went super simple and created a grid of 9 squares made up of 7 photos, a title block, and a journaling block.

My final detail was adding a stitched border and a little embellishment cluster in the top right corner.

Super simple, super fast!

If you like creating with 6x6" paper pads, we've got you covered at Scrapbook Generation! We have a huge selection of 6x6" paper pads and if you are looking for layout ideas we also have a lot of sketches for 6x6" paper pads.

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