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Quick Scrapbook Design Idea: Four Squares

I'm all over the place in my speed of scrapbooking. Some layouts will take many hours and some come together in minutes. I guess it depends on a few factors - my mood, the products I'm using, the techniques I put into it, and the design I choose.

The layout I'm sharing today is one of those that can come together in minutes and it's a design concept I use all the time, using four squares in the center.

Here's what I like about this design concept:

• It's simple with the ability to dress it up or down as little or as much as you want.

• You can go with smaller squares paired with lots of white space or with bigger embellishments. Think squares like 2" or 3".

• You can use larger squares like 4" or 5".

• There are many different photo/paper/card combinations you can do. Two photos with two papers, three photos with one paper, etc.

• This design can be easily adapted to a two-page layout by increasing the amount of squares.

With my layout I used two 3" card cutouts, one that says "love" and one that says "joy". Then I used one 3 x 3" photo in the top right and a 2-1/2" photo with a 3" mat in the bottom left.

I loved the design of the card cutouts and so I decided to mimic that with the design of my layout. I added a stitched border around the four squares and added some floral clusters in the corners.

If you are looking for an easy design I recommend you give this one a try!

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