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Quick Tip: Designing to Show Progression or Movement

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Bring your photos to life with this quick design tip!

Whenever I am taking pictures of action, I will hold the shutter button and take a long series of shots to make sure that I don't miss a thing. What I love about doing this is that I end up with a series of shots that when put together can show movement. Since we are working with photos, this is a great way to bring those photos to life and showcase the action taking place.

When it comes to designing with these types of photos, I generally will arrange them in a straight line going across my layout. You can see, going from left to right, the progression of movement across my layout. It's my go-to photo design for these types of photos. I will get my photos arranged first, to show the movement, and then design around that.

Think about using this same design concept for all kinds of progression or movement photos.

• running

• biking

• swimming

• jumping

• driving

• dropping something

• someone falling

• splashing in the pool

This concept works well with non-action progression as well.

• the growth of a child

• the building of a new house

• the seasons or weather accumulation

• the different hairstyles or clothing styles over the years

Anything that shows change with each photo will work with this concept.

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