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Quick Tip: Simple & Detailed Squares

Let's talk squares.

Of all the shapes, squares, to me, are so fun to play around with and create designs with. You can use teeny tiny like 1/2" or 1" to larger like 5" or 6". You can create grids, and patterns, backgrounds, you can tilt them, or overlap them. You can even mix and match sizes to create unique designs. They are also the one shape that you don't really need a special punch or machine to cut them, a paper trimmer is all you need.

This layout shows one of my favorite things to do with squares.

For the main base of this design I used a combination of 4" patterned paper squares and photos. They are overlapped and go across the whole layout.

Then on top of the 4" squares there are smaller photos and details like my title and journaling.

The photos range in size from 3" to 2".

What I like to do with a large grouping of squares is to treat each square almost as it's own little layout. I'll add embellishments and details to help bring attention to that little section of the layout. To me, it's a fun design concept that I like to use often. It's simple with the squares, yet detailed with all of the little bits and pieces throughout.

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1 Comment

Lisa M. Zepponi
Lisa M. Zepponi
Jan 11, 2022

Love this layout!! Thanks for the inspiration!

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