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Scrapbook Design Idea: Creating a Pattern

One of the most fun experiences of using 6x6" paper pads on full size layouts is the challenge of creating larger designs with smaller pieces. On of my go-to concepts is coming up with a pattern.

The pattern on this layout is one I've used many times and it's so easy to customize to different sizes and layout designs. You basically create a square out of strips and alternate the orientation of the strips/squares.

For this layout I used five 1" strips to create 5 x 5" squares. Two of the squares have horizontal strips and two have vertical strips.

To add some texture and dimension to the background I also added some stitched lines on each strip.

This is a pattern that you can use in so many different ways and adjust to different sizes.

You can use different square sizes like:

• 2"

• 3"

• 4"

• 5"

• 6"

You can use different strips sizes like:

• 1/4"

• 1/2"

• 1"

• 2"

• use a variety of strips in different sizes

You can arrange them in different ways like:

• Create large background like the layout shown above.

• Frame a focal photo with 2" squares of four 1/2" strips, alternating the orientation of the strips.

• Line the edge of a group of photos. For example, use three 3 x 4" photos arranged side by side and then use three 3" squares with 1/2" or 1" strips, alternating the orientation of the strips.

You should give this design concept a try! It's perfect for 6x6" papers or those scraps you might have laying around!

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