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Scrapbook Design Idea | Creating a Scene

A fun concept that I turn to often is creating a scene on my layout. A sunny day, a flower garden, a forest, or a snowy mountain view, scenes can be a unique play on the theme of your layout.

For this layout I started with three large mountains made with triangles. Then I cut a small triangle out of white cardstock for the snow at the top of the mountain. I used my scissors to cut a jagged edge along the bottom and then covered it in white glitter.

Along the bottom of the layout I used lots of tree stickers to create the look of a forest.

Then to complete the scene I added lots of hand cut snowflakes, snowflake stickers, and some Nuvo Dream Drops in Cloud 9 - the perfect snow color.

When creating a scene I typically think of the bottom of the layout as the ground and the top of the layout as the sky. Here some more scene ideas:


• use fringe strips for grass

• create roads with driving cars and trucks

• use a lot of flowers or trees

• add houses or buildings

• use pumpkins, fences, or haybales

• use Christmas trees or presents


• create a sunburst with a large sun

• use a sun with lots of clouds

• add birds, airplanes, or hot air balloons

• create falling leaves or snowflakes

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