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Scrapbook Layout Idea Using 6x6" Paper Pads

I have always enjoyed creating layouts with lots of small details which is why I tend to gravitate towards 6x6" paper pads. The patterns have been shrunken down to a smaller size as well so they are perfect for cutting small pieces without losing that pattern.

For this layout the design is fairly simple. It's a large arrangement of 1" squares for a large background. I was able to include a ton of detail, colors, and different patterns because of the smaller squares.

I left a few square spaces open, showing the white cardstock base and then I added a small paw print sticker in that opening. I adhered them with foam adhesive to give some dimension to the design.

I also added lots of hand-stitching to help bring this all together. The background squares are so colorful and bold so I wanted a bold accent with that stitching. I thought black would be a nice complimentary neutral to really make this design stand out.

For the photo I thought black and white would help it stand out among the colorful background and I also added a large white mat. That mat really ensures that even in all the busy-ness of the background, that photo takes center stage.

If you enjoy using 6x6" paper pads, I highly recommend you give 1" squares a try! It's such a fun size and using them gives you an opportunity to include a ton of color and patterns on one layout.

And, be sure to check out all of the sketches we have at Scrapbook Generation specifically design with 6x6" paper pads in mind. (They also work great for using up those scraps you probably have piling up as well!)

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