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Scrapbook Layout: Large Hand-stitched Heart Design

I'm still keeping up with the promise I made to myself to make more efforts to do some stitching heavy layouts. I very much love hand-stitching so I wanted to devote more time to making layouts here and there that have a huge focus on a hand-stitched design.

If you want to see a little video of this coming together, head over to my Instagram and look under "Reels". It's a short, 1 minute video showing the process of this layout.

For the stitched heart I used my Silhouette with a sketch pen to draw out the design.(#241366) Then I used my paper pierce to pierce along the pen lines.

When I first decided to go with this heart design my original thought was to use a bunch of reds and pinks, but then I came across this cute picture of Drew and thought it might be more fun to go against the obvious red/heart connection.

I ended up pulling the colors from his clothes and used that as my color palette. I used six different colors of embroidery floss and tried my best to kind of evenly spread them across the heart design.

For the rest of the layout I kept things really simple. With so much time and effort going into such a large amount of stitching, plus wanting that stitched design to be a big focus of the layout, I think it's best to go a more simple route with everything else.

I added a cut out camera, a few word/phrase stickers, and some heart die cuts.

My title also serves as my journaling in a way. I don't think every single layout has to have a big story. This photo was leftover from another layout I had created so the story of this moment has already been told. I love creating just to create so not every layout of mine has a big amount of journaling. Plus, I loved the sentiment of the title and thought it was exactly what I wanted to say.

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