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Scrapbook Layout with Large Hand-stitched Snowflake

It's no secret that I love adding stitching to my layouts. From the very first layout I made with stitching I was hooked and it's been my go-to, must have technique for every layout I've made since. I love it so much, both the look of it and the actual process of doing it, that I'm always wishing I could do it more.

So, why not?

I decided that I was going to start stitching more. Not stitching more on all of my layouts, but create some layouts that are very stitching heavy. Today I'm sharing my first one.

I used my Silhouette and a sketch pen to draw the snowflake design on the base of my layout. (Jamie Lane Designs | Silhouette Design Store | #309898)

I chose this particular snowflake because I loved the little heart in the center and while it is a detailed snowflake, it's not so detailed that it was too difficult to pierce the holes and stitch.

The biggest mistake I made was using a black sketch pen. I should have used my white one, but I think I was so excited to get started that I grabbed that black pen out of habit and didn't even think about. I'm so used to drawing my designs with pencil and then erasing the lines, but with a pen that's not an option. It's not too big of a deal if you are using a darker thread, but since I used a white thread there are a few places where you can see the pen lines underneath.

The snowflake took about 5-6 hours to stitch. I didn't do it all in one sitting and I didn't do it during my regular scrapbooking time during the day. I worked on it in the evenings while my husband and I chilled in the living room after dinner.

To add a little extra detail to the snowflake I added some white cardstock hearts in the end sections. Then to help that snowflake stand out since it's just an outline, I used my Wink of Stella glimmer brush to add some sparkle to the inside.

It doesn't really show well in the photos, but in person it's really pretty!

To complete the layout, I kept things simple with just a photo, title, journaling, and a few embellishments.

Most of the snowflake die cuts I used where leftover from a page I had created a year ago. That made putting that part together super easy! It probably only took me 10 minutes to finish the layout after the stitching.

I really enjoyed getting to do this much stitching all at once and I'm already looking forward to doing another!

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1 Comment

Lovely layout as usual. I don't have a Silhouette but I do have a CRICUT Explorer that I've used to do something similar. Is there really something called a SKETCH pen? Now I have to go find out if there is one for CRICUT - especially white!

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