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Scrapbooking How-to: Creating Watercolor Rings

Create easy watercolor rings to frame embellishments or decorate your layouts.

Whenever I am creating and layering with a repeating shape design (like the circles on this layout) I like to find several ways to create that shape. Most of the time I rely on paper, stitching, embellishments, and punches. I just like having a variety of different textures and looks when I layer shapes.

When it comes to circles I like to mix it up by using a solid circle and a ring shape. Rings are great for framing smaller circles or other shapes or designs you might want to include.

On this particular layout I created rings using watercolors and the plastic lid to a bottle of mist.

They are sooooooo easy to make!

All you need is:

• liquid watercolor

• water

• lid

I used a plastic lid from a bottle of mist, but you could use a lid from pretty much anything.

• palette or dish

Step #1 - Add a drop of watercolor to the palette.

Step #2 - Add water to the watercolor.

The amount of water you use will determine the shade of color you will end up with. If you want a darker color, use less or no water. If you want a lighter color, use more water.

Step #3 - Dip the lid into the watercolor.

Step #4 - Stamp the lid onto your project.

See! So easy and such a fun way to frame embellishments and decorate your layouts.

Here's a closer look at some of the rings on my layout:

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