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Scrapbooking Idea: Creating a Blended Watercolor and Hand-Stitched Title.

The original plan for this layout was for it to be a video tutorial, but it was in the beginning days of my ventures into YouTube and I just wasn't really happy with the footage. I'm pretty sure it was the first video I tried filming and it was B-A-D, bad. I just couldn't pull the trigger and put it out there.

So, I'll do my best to write up the steps for how I created this watercolor blended title. I know it's not the same as a video, but the video evidence has been destroyed so this is my only option.

Supplies you need:

• two different colors of watercolor

• water

• smaller watercolor brush

• stencil or template for the letters

• pencil to trace the letters


• an outline printout of the tile

• coordinating embroidery floss

Step #1 - Outlining the letters.

There are two ways you can do this.

The first is to use a stencil or maybe some chipboard letters as a template to trace around with a pencil to create the title.

The second way, which is what I did, is to create the word on your computer and print it out, directly on the paper you plan to use on your layout. If you do this you have to print it as an outline of the letters.

Step #2 - Start painting with one color first.

I used a teal blue and a yellow for my colors. I started by painting the first letter "J" with teal and the last letter "N" with the yellow. I didn't do any blending for those two letters, they are 100% all one solid color.

Step #3 - Blend the two colors to fill in the middle letter.

Next I painted the middle letter "K". I used an even blend of both colors to get a light green.

Step #4 - Blend the two colors to fill in the remaining letters on the left side.

Now as I fill in the remaining letters on the left, the "A" and C", I am going to add more teal as I get closer to the "J".

The "C" has a little more teal than yellow and the "A" has a lot more teal than yellow.

Step #5 - Blend the two colors to fill in the remaining letters on the right side.

As I fill in the remaining letters on the right, the "S" and "O", I am going to add more yellow as I get closer to the "N". The "S" has a little more yellow than teal and the "O" has a lot more yellow than teal.

Step #6 - Adding some extra watercolor details.

I added a few small watercolor hearts in the same colors across the whole title design. I made them with a small brush and painting directly onto the layout.

I also used my brush to flick some small splatters of paint in the same colors across the design as well.

Step #7 - Add the hand-stitched outline.

After the paint is dried I pierced holes along the outline of the letters. With letters it's always good to start by piercing the meeting points of the letters first and then fill in the rest.

I used embroidery floss that matched the blend of colors across the title.

To finish the whole design I used some punched hearts in coordinating colors to accent the title.

I really wish this video would have worked out the way I had planned because it was such a fun layout to create. The silver lining is that I definitely learned what works and what doesn't with filming. At least there's that! And, I'm still happy with the layout that came out of it all.

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09 de set. de 2020

Hi Dorothy, I’ve got a video on YouTube that shows how to add hand-stitching. Here you go: I hope that helps!


Dorothy Colman
Dorothy Colman
09 de set. de 2020

I have been trying to learn how to stitch on layouts. I cannot find any stencils or templates. When I try the paper tears. Do you do it before or after the layout? like adding stars. Could you do a video on how to do it start to finish and what needles or thread you use? I love the look of it and have watched u-tube on the stitches but no information on the above questions any help would be appreciated.

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