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Scrapbooking Idea: Ombré Stitching

It's no secret that hand-stitching is my favorite technique. And, because it is my favorite I often find that I try to challenge myself by finding new and unique ways to add it to my pages. My layout today is a good example of that!

I loved the orange color fade on the dotted patterned paper and decided to mimic that same fade with my stitching. I created a square made of two sections - one with the orange patterned paper and the other with hand-stitching.

I used three colors of orange embroidery floss - a dark orange, a medium orange, and a light orange.

The top three inches of the square is the dark orange, the middle three inches is the medium orange, and the bottom three inches is the light orange. The transition from one thread to the next is not exactly the same on each line. I thought that it would blend a little better and the process would be a little easier if it wasn't exactly the same on each line.

Another idea that I want to try soon that follow a similar concept is rainbow stitching. I think it would look really cool!

The rest of my layout design is four square photos in the center with some detailed clusters in the corners. I used some heart frame stickers to frame one of the photos. Most of the flowers were fussy cut from a patterned paper.

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