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Scrapbooking Quick Tip: Arranging Photos in a Large Photo Block

How you arrange your photos in a large photo block on a scrapbook layout can make a big difference in the overall appearance and how well your photos stand out.

A lot of times you'll see on both my sketches and layouts a large photo block and a lot of times those photos are arranged with zero margins or photo mats around them. The biggest risk of photo blocks with no margins or mats is that it's easy for your photos to become one big photo blob if you're not careful. Especially if your photos are all very similar. Of course you can always add margins or mats or distressing to the edges when you see a photo block.


another option is to strategically arrange the photos to help each individual photo stand out while also remaining a cohesive grouping of photos. And, it's so super simple to do!

Looking at my Grand Canyon layout and the photo block on the right page, I was very thoughtful in my arrangement of the photos. I made sure that I had a mix of photos of just the scenery mixed with photos of us in them. Then when I arranged them, I put scenery photos beside people photos. It's creates an almost checkerboard of photos: scenery, people, scenery, people, scenery, people, etc and allows each photo to stand out.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can always add a mat, margins, ink or paint to the edges of the photos, but this method works just as well without any extra work.

Bonus scrapbooking tip: Think about the individual words of your title and how you can present them to match what they are saying. Use a style of letter that matches the word. For example: on my layout, I made the word "grand" bigger and quite grand in comparison to the other words in my title. You can do this in different ways. If the word conveys something small, make the word smaller or if the word is a color, like red, use letters that are red. It's a fun and thoughtful way to really enhance the design of your title and make it stand out.

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