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Scrapbooking Quick Tip: Fun Halloween Photo Sequence

For a fun spin on a tradition, try capturing the progress of your pumpkin carving by taking a photo of each step.

This can be a great way to document the whole process, from start to finish, in a step-by-step style.

For Drew's first carving experience, he was too small to really get in there and help with most of the process. He did "help" by holding his spoon inside the pumpkin while we were cleaning out all the seeds. After that he mostly sat there and watched me carve.

I thought a fun way to document it would be to take a photo of each step, showing the progression of our carved Jack-o-lantern. I have always loved working with progression photo collections and designing layouts with them. Most of the time I will arrange them just like this layout, in a straight line going from left to right.

Here are a few ideas for more progression / step-by-step photos:

• actions like running, jumping, kicking, spinning, skating

• blowing a bubble

• throwing a ball

• making cookies, cakes, or other goodies

• opening a present

• splashing in the water

• riding a bike, go cart, or skateboard

• eating a plate of your favorite meal (I did this once by taking a photo after every bite)

The main design for my layout and the papers I used ended up being a giant title going across the whole layout.

I used my Silhouette to cut out the title in varying patterned papers. I added a stitched border on each one along with a white photo mat.

In place of the "a" in the word "carving" I made a Jack-o-lantern to go with the theme and added several die cuts to create a little Halloween scene within my title.

In the top left corner I added another spider web with a spider dropping down.

On the black base cardstock, I used a toothbrush and some acrylic paint to add lots of paint splatter. I used three colors - white, orange, and light blue to help match the patterned papers.

To finish the look I added some sequins, enamel dots, and puffy stars.

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Melissa M
Melissa M
Oct 11, 2021

Allison, this is a great layout. I love the big title. The stitching makes your title standout. Really I love everything about it! I need to remember to keep a toothbrush in my tool bag. Thanks for a reminder.


I like how you popped the letters over a larger mirrored version. Thanks for the tips!

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