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Sketch Support #16 | Learn How to Use and Adapt Scrapbook Sketches | Day 2

Once a month learn how to use scrapbook sketches and adapt them to fit different styles, photo sizes, and themes. Sketches = endless scrapbooking ideas with little effort. Sketches do all the heavy lifting allowing you to have all the fun!

Day two brings a little Holiday cheer with a super excited boy opening a present. I really lucked out getting the perfect photo of his reaction!

Here's the sketch that I have used as the starting point for each layout this week:

You can also grab the Sketch Support #16 Bonus Sketch Examples!

This month it is a 3-page PDF of 23 different sketch options. That makes 24 sketches for this month of Sketch Support. There are options that show how to change up the papers, use more photos, use less photos, use only 4 x 6" photos, there are four two-page options, and then an 8-1/2 x 11" option. The fun part is that you could use each option as a layout on its own, but you could also mix and match different options for endless possibilities!

Supplies used - Cardstock: American Crafts; Patterned paper, die cuts, stickers, wooden pieces: Simple Stories; Embroidery floss: DMC; Computer font: DMC

Variation #1 - Rotating the sketch.

I rotated the sketch to better fit the design idea I had in mind for these photos. I really liked the idea of replacing the vertical banner strips with horizontal strips and creating a Christmas tree out of them.

Anytime I see a grouping of smaller strips I always think of ways I can alter them to create themed elements. One way to do this is to pay attention to the direction of the strips. If they are vertical strips I think about things that would naturally go upward like birthday candles, flowers with stems, stacks of presents, or things that would move downward like falling snowflakes or leaves, or hanging ornaments. If they are horizontal strips I think about things that would move left to right like cars driving on a road, a butterfly flying, or a bouncing ball.

Another way to alter strips into themed elements it to think about things you can piece together with strips. Things like a Christmas tree, waves or decorative borders.

My original plan was to use strips to create the tree and as I was picking out my papers I came across a tree design printed on a Simple Stories paper. It's actually the same tree from one of my previous layouts this month. It looks like strips of washi tape arranged into a Christmas tree. I added a few patterned paper strips and some stitched lines to give the tree a little more fullness and detail.

To finish the design I added my Merry Christmas title, the star topper, and some star stickers for ornaments.

Variation #2 - Using different photo sizes.

For this set of photos I has two 3 x 4" photos. They are slightly smaller than the combined photos on the sketch, but it was an easy adjustment to make. Combined they have the same height as the Christmas tree paper so it came together perfectly.

Variation #3 - Adding an extra background.

I used the red paper as my background and then decided to add another piece behind it. I really liked this light, kind of white-washed wood patterned paper and thought it would make a good frame for all the details. I also added a hand-stitched border around it for added texture.

Variation #4 - Changing elements to better fit your theme & moving the journaling.

My embellishments are in the same general area as the stars on the sketch, but I changed them to fit my theme. In the bottom corner I used a grouping of presents under the tree with a little wooden snowflake.

In the top corner I have two wooden snowflakes and my small journaling block. I didn't want to place my journaling over the tree so I moved it to the corner. I didn't have much to say, because the photos say enough. The corner was a great little spot to add a little bit of journaling.

That's all for today! Check back tomorrow the day #3!

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1 Comment

Sherri Couture
Sherri Couture
Dec 22, 2020

I love it!!!

Did you construct the entire tree before you stitched?

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