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Sketches for 6 x 6" Paper Pads: Two-page Sketches - GROUP TWO

Sketches for 6 x 6” Paper Pads: Two-page Sketches - GROUP 2 is now open!

There have been daily requests for a second group so we have decided to open up another group for those that missed out on the first one.

The first group has been an absolute blast and I am amazed every week by all of the awesome, inspiring, and super creative layouts that have been shared. There have been hundreds of layouts shared for each sketch. It's very cool to see one sketch and that many different layout examples.

Be prepared! I'm about to throw a lot of information at you in this post! I highly recommend that you read through this whole post. I try to be super thorough with the details so any information you need should be found in this post.


This group is a free perk to buying the Sketches for 6 x 6” Paper Pads: Two-page Sketches. The sketch bundle is $12. When you purchase this set of sketches it grants you access to a private Facebook group. In that group we will work through the 20 sketches over the course of 20 weeks, one sketch a week, and share our layouts throughout the week as a community.

And, trust me, the group is well worth the $12. There are tons of materials and information shared including over 200 more sketch examples.


• Each week we focus on one sketch.

• Each Monday morning there is a set of new materials that are shared with the group. It includes:

The Sketch - this is a picture of the sketch along with some information about the sketch. I usually include details about using 6 x 6” paper pads with the sketch or with the photos, it varies between each sketch. I also include ways that you can adapt the sketch for more photos, less photos, using only 4 x 6” photos, creating a one-page layout, and creating an 8-1/2 x 11” layout.

The Layout - this is a picture of my layout along with some details of how I created it.

The Video - this is video version of the sketch and layout post. It’s the same information and text shared in video format. Everyone absorbs information in different ways so it’s just another way to take in the information for the week.

There are three PDFs that are posted. These are so you can print the materials shared in the group to reference back to later if you want.

Sketch Text PDF - this includes a photo of the sketch along with all of the text and information in the sketch post.

Layout Text PDF - this includes a photo of the full layout, a few detail photos, and the text and information included in the layout post.

Sketch Examples PDF - (this one was the favorite in Group #1) It includes a visual of each adaptation I list in the sketch post. It’s like getting over 200 more (FREE) sketches.


The link below will take you directly to the correct set of sketches to purchase.


The class 6 x 6 Paper Pads w/ Allison Davis IS NOT FOR THIS GROUP.

The ebook and class companion 6 x 6 Paper Pads 2 w/ Allison Davis IS NOT FOR THIS GROUP.

Purchasing those two items does not give you access to this group.

Please make sure you are purchasing Sketches for 6 x 6 Paper Pads: Two-page Sketches. Make sure the product you are buying has those exact words before you follow through with your purchase. The graphic above with the text "Sketches for 6 x 6" Paper Pads: Two-page Sketches" and the sketches around the edge is the exact same graphic used on the SG website. It is also a similar graphic to two other sketch bundles so make sure you read the text on the graphic before you purchase. We do not refund digital purchases so please double check!


September 1 - September 28: The group will be open to join.

September 29: The group will close to new members. On that date, no new members will be added, NO EXCEPTIONS. Because we are working through the sketches on a timeline we can’t grant access after that date.

October 5: The group will officially begin with the first sketch.


It is up to you, after you purchase the sketches, to find and follow the link to the group. You can find the link to the group here:

You can also find the link in the product description of the sketches at

• When you follow the link to the group you will click join. You will be asked to provide your order number. If you do not provide an order number, you will not be approved. We try to verify purchases and approve these as fast as possible. There might be delays the first few days because of the volume of requests. Please be patient as we work to verify and approve.

• You will also be asked to provide the name on your SG order if it is different than the name on your Facebook account.

Sketches for 6 x 6” Paper Pads: Two-page Sketches is the ONLY sketch bundle that gives you access to the group. If you provide an order number of a purchase without this set of sketches, you will not be approved.

• One order number grants entry for one Facebook account. We do keep a record of each person and order number so we do catch it when people try to use the same order number for multiple people.


Do I have to participate?

No. If you just want to join just for the extra materials or to see what everyone creates and shares you are more than welcome to join as long as you purchased the correct sketches.

What happens to the group when the 20 weeks are over? Will I still be able to access the group after that?

Yes. The group will be there for as long as Facebook is around. Eventually, the group will be archived which means that it will still be accessible by the members, but it will no longer be an active group. Once it is archived you can no longer share or comment on the contents. It will not be archived right after the 20 weeks are over. We'll wait for awhile so people can continue to share their layouts.

Do I have to use 6 x 6” papers to complete the layouts?

No. These sketches can be used with any papers. In fact, they are perfect for using up scraps too!

Am I expected to keep up the pace of creating a layout each week?

No. You can work at your own pace. If life gets in the way and you can't complete a layout for the week that is completely ok. You can always complete a layout later and add it at your own pace.

Where do I go to find the link to the group?

You can find the link to the group in the product description here:

or through the direct link here:

I bought the sketches two months ago, can I still join?

Yes. It does not matter when you bought the sketches. If your order number shows that you purchased the sketches you will be approved to join.

I only create one-page layouts and these are two-page sketches. Are there options for one-page layouts?

Yes. I share a few ways you can adapt the sketch to work with one-page layouts.

I only create 8-1/2 x 11" layouts. Can I make these sketches work for that size?

Yes. I share an 8-1/2 x 11" sketch example. There were a couple of 8-1/2 x 11" scrapbookers in the first group and they created amazing layouts with the sketches!

I only use 4 x 6" photos, do the sketches work for that?

Yes. I share sketch examples using only 4 x 6" photos.


I think I've covered everything! I hope to see you in the group for some 6 x 6" paper pad fun!

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