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Slip, Slide, & Splash

Here we go with the splashes/flourishes again!

A few years ago Drew got a slip'n slide for his birthday. As a child I always had a fear of slip'n slides after a somewhat traumatic experience with one at a Girl Scout's camp that involved a rock, a busted knee, and a girl having to get stitches. After that I noped away from anything that included speedily gliding across the ground on a thin sheet of plastic.

Apparently somewhere between my childhood and adulthood my fears of slip'n slides faded away and I very much enjoyed watching Drew and Jackson speed across our yard on their bellies. We even added a little soap to make it faster. As mom that was a win/win - fun for the kids, a little bath/shower at the same time!

I'm learning as I've set my Pinterest account and starting pinning a lot of my layouts that chances are, if I've made a one-page layout it most likely has three photos on it. It seems to be my go-to number of photos. With good reason too.

Typically I will have a 4x6" photo paired with two 2x2" photos. To me, that's a good formula for both design and purpose. One large focal photo to grab the attention and two supporting photos to help tell the story.

Speaking of Pinterest, if you haven't yet, be sure to check mine out! I think the most popular pins of mine have been pairing layouts with the sketches they are based on. Like this...

It's nice to have the sketch and layout together to see the sketch come to life. Check it out here!

Products used: Patterned papers: Authentique; Flourish die: Sizzix; Glitter alphabet stickers: American Crafts

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