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"Slow Swinging" with a DIY Tree Branch and Swing

Sometimes I think I get a little carried away with themes and take it a little too far, but dang it, I just can’t help myself! The wheels start turning. I get ideas. It snowballs. Then before I know it I’m trying to build a tree branch and a swing…

To create that tree branch going across the top of my layout, I used a strip of patterned paper that had a wood grain design on it. You could replicate a similar look by stamping the wood grain design on a piece of cardstock. On the left page I used a straight 12 x 1/2” strip. On the right page I traced a straight 12 x 1/2” strip about halfway across the page and then sketched my tree branch shape on the other half. I also cut a few smaller pieces to add some smaller branches along the strips.

To embellish the branch I cut leaf shapes out of green paper in two different sizes. On the larger leaves I added some hand-stitched details. Stitching is a great tool for adding details onto embellishments like this!

I finished the branch by adding little sprigs of Memory Thread by some of the leaves. Memory Thread is a craft wire that is covered with a fabric and it comes in many colors. Honestly, I’m not even sure if they still make it. I haven’t bought it in forever. Another option, if you couldn’t find Memory Thread, would be to color craft wire with a Sharpie and then bend it into the shape you want. To make the sprigs, I use my paper piercer and twist the Memory Thread around it until I have the length I want and then slide it off the end.

The last detail I added was the swing. I used stitched lines for the ropes hanging down and then the swing is an acrylic letter “U” that I cut down to resemble a swing seat.

This might be the one of craziest embellishment/design I’ve ever made!

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