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"Soccer" and Using Circles

We really didn't know what we were getting ourselves into when we signed Drew up to play soccer. It was quickly established that sports just weren't going to be his "thing." He was more interested in showing the coach how to make flying butterflies with your hands that he was showing him that he could kick the ball. The coach eventually nicknamed him the spark plug of the team. To say his games were entertaining (for all the wrong reasons) is an understatement.

At least I ended up with lots of cute soccer pictures! That seems to be my main approach to all things in life... At least I got the pictures!

When it comes to deciding what my design approach is going to be with each layout, I like to look at the theme first and find an interesting or unique way to incorporate that into the design. Sometimes I'll go big with super obvious, crazy themed designs and sometimes I'm a little more subtle and less obvious with it.

For this layout I used a lot of circles to match the shape of the soccer ball and to help frame the large photo. I have cardstock circles, circles embellishments, lots of soccer balls, and even a large portion of my pictures have been cut into circles.

I finished the look with some stitched circles around some of the pictures and elements and a few enamel dots here and there.

Circles are one of my favorite shapes to use and anytime I'm in a creative rut, circles seem to be one of my go-to designs to play with. I especially like to layer them and find different circle elements that I can group together. I also like to play with the height and have some adhered flat and some adhered with a foam adhesive to add some dimension and interest.

Supplies used: Patterned papers and soccer themed embellishments: Paper House Productions

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