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DIY Shamrock Embellishment

Anyone who knows me, knows that I enjoy making my own embellishments. If I have a theme that I can’t find a pre-made embellishment for, I won’t hesitate to find a way to create it myself.

When I make my own embellishments I look at the embellishment I want to make and find a way to break it down into simple shapes. A cloud can be made from small circles, and umbrella from a half circle, a popsicle from rectangles, an ice cream cone from triangles and circles…see what I mean?

To make the shamrock design, I broke it down into heart shapes and used two different heart punches to create the leaves. I adhered them all together on a small circle that you can’t see on the backside and then used foam adhesive to adhere the circle sticker in the center.

For extra detail and dimension, I added hand stitching on the hearts. I used a lighter green embroidery floss to match the small heart and darker to match the larger heart. I almost always add stitching to my handmade embellishments. It transforms them from flat and plain to having texture and depth.

The last piece I added was the stem which is simply a piece of cardstock that matches the large heart color, cut with a slight curve.

Do you ever make your own embellishments? Share some that you have made in the comments!

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