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How-to: Layered Pumpkin

A how-to guide for creating a layered pumpkin embellishment for scrapbooking layouts or papercrafting projects.

With the arrive of Fall (finally!) it is officially pumpkin season. The beautiful fall leaves will always be my number one in terms of fall-is-here eye candy, but pumpkins are a close second.

I find myself always searching for new ways to create pumpkins on my fall-themed projects. The one I'm sharing with you today is really easy to put together and it can work for a small embellishment on a card to a giant background on a scrapbook layout.

Step #1 - Start with a circle of cardstock for the base of the pumpkin.

It can be punched, cut with a die cut machine, or hand cut. Any size will work from small (1 to 3") medium (4 to 6") to large (7 to 10").

Step #2 - Cut several strips of patterned paper.

You can use different widths of paper like 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", or 1".

You can add different edges on your paper like scallop, wavy, ripped, notched, pointed, etc. with punches or a die cutting machine.

You can use the same paper for all the strips or several different orange patterns. You could even play around with multiple colors for a pretty fall medley.

I used 1/4" scallop strips in four different patterns of orange paper.

Step #3 - Adhere the strips on the top of the circle.

After you have covered the circle with all the strips, turn the circle to the backside and cut off the excess strips.

Step #4 - Add a stem to the top.

You can also add some green leaves or sprigs. I added a green bow tied with embroidery floss.

Step #5 - Add your own decorative elements.

For small pumpkins: leave them as they are or add some small word or phrase stickers.

For medium pumpkins: add a title, journaling blocks or strips, or a small photo on top.

For large pumpkins: use them as a large background on your layout.

I added some "Happy Halloween" stickers to the top of mine.

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