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Quick Tip: Using Patterned Papers with a Large Design in the Corner for Two-page Layouts

So many paper collections have a paper or two with a cluster design in one corner. I am always drawn in by papers like that because it adds an interesting design element to a layout with no effort on my part other than simply using it.

A lot of times I will use one sheet on a two-page layout to act as a background to highlight a few photos or my title. I really like adding a title around or on top of the cluster design on the patterned paper or sometimes some extra embellishments to dress it up a bit. It always seems like those types of papers makes creating so much easier and faster!

A different way to use them on a two-page layout is to use two sheets for your base paper. Flip one sheet so that the design cluster is in the opposite corner of the other sheet. Now you have an easily created, eye-catching frame on your base paper.

How awesomely wonderful is it to have a beautifully decorated layout and a large portion of that came from simply flipping a sheet of paper!?

I love it when fun design combines with easy to do!

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