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Scrapbook Layout Design Using Selfies and 6x6" Paper Pads

One of my favorite things about the advancement of technology, especially with phones, is that it's so much easier to get myself in our photos. For a while it seemed selfies got a lot of hate, but I will always love them!

For this layout I took a bunch of photos, 20 of them in fact, and created a large, simple block. All of the photos are 3x3".

I wanted to add some interest to the photo block so I added photo mats to every other photo. I also added a hand-stitched border with across some, ending with a punched heart.

To keep things fairly simple, I used a 6x6" paper with a fun design and arranged it within the photo block. Then I added my title and journaling on top.

This is a great way to use those 6x6" papers that have unique designs that you don't want to cut up.

The rest of the layout is embellished with some simple punched hearts and word/phrase stickers.

The pairing of 6x6" papers and 3x3" photos is a really easy combination since the measurements works perfectly together. There are so many different configurations and designs you could arrange with these two together!

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This is a cute layout. Where do you have your 3 x 3 pics printed? Thanks for the information.

Me gusta
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