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Scrapbook Layout: So "Otter-ly" Cute

Don't you love it when you have a set of photos that make you so excited to scrapbook? These photos where that for me!

We went to our local zoo and really lucked out with our timing when we got to the otter pool. Usually the viewing windows are packed with people and you wait in line forever only to get a few seconds of seeing the otters up close. And, many times it's like the otters are tired of people so they don't really interact. That was not the case for us!

They were so playful and coming right up to the glass. At one point I captured the perfect moment of Drew putting his hand up to the glass and an otter put his little paw up too...oh my goodness! It was so cute!!

I wanted to include as many photos as I could on this layout so I created a large photo block for one side and then used the two best photos that included both Drew and Jackson on the other side. The photos in the block are smaller while the two on the right are larger. Then I added a few 2x2" accent photos on both pages.

For part of the page design I cut large splashes from a patterned paper. The color of that paper so perfectly matched the color of the water in my photos. I was super happy to come across it in my stash!

For the most part I kept the page simple. The photos were so fun that I didn't feel like it needed much more than the splashes and a few word/phrase stickers.

For my title I thought it would be kind of cute and funny to use the word otter-ly instead of utterly. I used larger orange letters to really make the fun word play stand out in the title and then used smaller block letters for the rest.

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