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Scrapbook Layout | The Green Jacket

Have a got a story for you today! This may go down as the most epic thing our family has always done. We are a mischievous bunch for sure!

The story begins on an Easter Sunday and revolves around a green jacket that our mom/grandma was wearing. I'm trying to think of a nice way to describe her fashion choice, but there just isn't one. It was a green jacket and while the jacket wasn't horrible, it was the way she puffed up the collar that took it to a whole other level. (You can see it in the picture hanging on the wall in the main photo of my layout. And don't worry, this is the dynamic of our family and nobody's feelings were hurt! Lots and lots of laughs took place!)

I don't remember who had the idea first, but we thought it would be hilarious to steal her jacket, take a photo of each family member in the jacket, Photoshop it into one, and then give it to her for Christmas.

So, at Thanksgiving, everyone distracted mom while I sneaked into her closet and nabbed her green jacket.

To get the photos we set up my camera and our chairs and then figured out the arrangement of everyone and marked them with masking tape. Then we each took individual photos wearing the jacket.

Stacey came in with some Photoshop skills and spliced all of the photos into one. She even added a portrait hanging on the wall behind us of the infamous jacket on display. When Christmas came we gave Mom her first present, the return of her green jacket. She was so confused and hadn't even noticed it was missing. Then we gave her the second present, the photo. I don't know if I've ever seen her laugh that hard in my life!

She has it on permanent display in her home and we get a good laugh out of it every time we are at her house!

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