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Scrapbooking Ideas: Easy Thanksgiving Journaling

As much as I love writing, I admit that sometimes it's nice to have journaling that is quick and easy. Try documenting the menu at your next Thanksgiving or family event for a different approach to your journaling.

I know that there is the standard Thanksgiving menu that we all eat each year, but I've learned through the many family events that we got to, each one has some unique foods added in. Early in our marriage I think we had five different Thanksgivings to travel to some years. Three just in one day! It was definitely a stretchy pants kind of holiday.

Now when it comes to journaling about Thanksgiving, I mostly turn to my thoughts on family or what I'm thankful for and while that's nice I can't help but to think...what about the food!? I know that Thanksgiving is about being grateful, but I'm not going to pretend that the food isn't important too!

On my layout I created a little menu card and surrounded it in food photos from our Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house.

I didn't have enough photos to completely frame the menu so I added in some 2 x 2" squares/cards in with the photos.

At the top of my menu card I created a little header/title piece.

For the rest of the layout I used photos from of all of us enjoying our Thanksgiving together.

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