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Scrapbooking Quick Tip: Easy Format for Using Smaller Shapes to Create a Large Background.

If I had to pick one design concept that I love the most I would have to say it would be creating large patterns with smaller shapes and details. And, hexagons would most likely be the shape I would pick as my favorite. I love that you can arrange them side by side, kind of locked together to create an interesting pattern and eye-catching design.

On this layout I used hexagons to create a patterned background behind two photos and my title.

The format I followed for this design is the same general concept and formula I use for almost every design where I am taking a bunch of smaller shapes and creating a large background with them. This formula can work in any design scenario where you are creating a background or cluster of shapes. The overall design I'm looking for has a variety of texture, detail, and dimension to help the pattern I have created stand out.

Step #1 |First I start with a base layer of the shape.

For this layout I used hexagons in all the same size for my base layer. I wanted to create a rectangle background with straight edges on each side. Since this pattern relies on the hexagons interlocking with each other, there isn't a natural straight edge. To create that straight edge I had to use all half pieces on the left and right edge and then some half pieces on the top and bottom.

Step #2 | Next I used smaller hexagons on top of a few of the base hexagons.

Most of the time for these smaller, top hexagons I will use a solid paper, on this layout I used white. I like having a variety of textures and detail when creating designs like this so that solid white gives me a different texture and detail.

Step #3 | Now I like to add some stitched detail to some hexagons.

I have added a stitched border on some of the base hexagons and on some of the white, smaller hexagons. Adding stitching on every single hexagon would take a lot of time! Adding it to only a few, evenly spread throughout the design won't take near as much time and adds a lot of texture, dimension, and extra detail.

Step #4 | To finish the design and add more dimension I added small hearts with foam adhesive.

On the patterned paper hexagons I added a white heart and on the white hexagons I added a patterned heart. This ensures that those hearts stand out among all of those patterns and colors. I used a heart to go with my theme, but you could easily use many different shapes to customize the finishing detail to fit your theme. Things like stars, pumpkins, leaves, candy canes, flowers, snowflakes, etc would work great in this design.

Those four steps can be adapted to any shape or design where you are taking smaller pieces and grouping them together to create a larger background design. It's my go-to format!

For the rest of my layout, I kept things quite simple. When I have a busier design like you see with the hexagon pattern on the left page, I like to balance it with a more simple design on the opposite page. A large photo block is typically my go-to when I want a more simple design.

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Isabel Martinez
Isabel Martinez
Jan 06, 2022

Realmente me encantó este diseño y por supuesto las fotos ya que también amo a los gatos, Espero poder recrear una versión propia tomando tu ejemplo de inspiración, gracias por compartir

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