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Sketch Support #11 | Learn How to Use and Adapt Scrapbook Sketches | Day 4

Today's layout is one of those that at first glance you're not going to believe that it came from the sketch. That's the fun thing about sketches, though! They are not a rule, just a suggestion.

Here is the two-page sketch I used for the starting point of each layout I'm sharing this week.

You can download the full sketch with measurements and placements by clicking here.

Supplies used - Cardstock: American Crafts; Patterned paper, stickers, and die cuts: Echo Park; Heart punches: Recollections and Fiskars; Paw print punch: Marvy Uchida; Ink: Colorbox Fluid Chalk ink; Embroidery floss: DMC; Computer font: Century Gothic

One of the best things about sketches is that they can work for everyone, for every set of photos, for every theme. You can follow them exactly, down to every teeny tiny detail and measurement OR you can take an element or two and put your own spin on it. The layout can match the sketch or it can look completely different. It's up to YOU how you use a sketch and adapt it to fit what you need.

My layout today looks nothing like the sketch. You might even being saying, "Huh!? I don't get it!" And, that's okay. I'll do my best to explain how I went from the sketch to this idea on my layout so that it hopefully makes some sense by the time you get to the end of this post.

If I could sum it up in a quick description I would say that I took a few pieces from the sketch and let my photos and the products I used drive the rest.

Variation #1 - Using multiple, smaller pieces of paper to create a large background.

Every once in awhile I like to create a layout based on a Sketch Support sketch using only 6 x 6" papers. I love 6 x 6" paper pads! I decided to use 6 x 6" papers because I only had this collection in a 6 x 6" paper pad and the papers matched my photos so well. I couldn't resist!

Since I was working with a smaller size of paper, I had to figure out a way to create a large background. I decided to keep the 10" height of the background so I cut my background pieces to 5".

Because I was using different photos in a different way I decided to stretch that background a little further across the right page. I figured since I was using 6 x 6" papers, I would keep the 6" width and create a background that covered the same amount of the layout on each side.

Each block is 6 x 5", creating an 18 x 10" background.

Variation #2 - Using a larger photo in place of two smaller photos.

On the right page I used two 6 x 4" photos in place of all the photos on the right page of the sketch.

The bottom photo is exactly the same as it is on the sketch. The top photo is taking the place of two of the 3 x 4" photos. Then I eliminated the remaining 3 x 4" photo.

It's so funny how there really isn't a big change with the photos on the right page, but this layout looks so different from the sketch!

Variation #3 - Changing the photo orientation.

This set of photos that I really wanted to use only had four 6 x 4" photos. Two of the photos fit in easily with the design on the right page as mentioned above. The other two, I used in place of the two 4 x 6" photos on the left page.

A lot of times you can swap out two 4 x 6" photos that are side by side with two 6 x 4" photos arranged above and below each other without having to make major adjustments. The height and width of both combined aren't too far away from each other. It may not always work, but it does work A LOT!

It also worked well with my photos on the right page. Now I have this mirrored image design going on between the background and the photos.

Variation #4 - Using smaller horizontal strips in place of larger vertical strips.

After I had my background papers and photos adhered on the layout, I didn't really like the look of using the vertical strips on this layout. Having that mirror image look on the layout produced a completely different balance on the layout and I wanted to play off of that.

My solution was to create small horizontal strips and adhere them on the edge of the photos. Since I already this whole mirror image thing going, I added them on both sides.

Variation #5 - Changing elements to fit the theme.

I used punched hearts for my embellishments and arranged them along the edges of the photos and horizontal banner strips.

Variation #6 - Moving the title.

With the two photos having more height than the 4 x 6" photos on the sketch, it didn't leave a lot of room for a title. The mirror image look also had an influence in where I put my title. I kept the journaling in basically the same spot as it is on the sketch, so I mirrored that placement with my title.

Tomorrow is the last layout. Be sure to check back! Then on Monday I'll be sharing the video version of Sketch Support.

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Sherri Couture
Sherri Couture
Jul 30, 2020

I love this one!

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