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Sketch Support #13 | Learn How to Use and Adapt Scrapbook Sketches | Day 2

Once a month learn how to use scrapbook sketches and adapt them to fit different styles, photo sizes, and themes. Sketches = endless scrapbooking ideas with little effort. Sketches do all the heavy lifting allowing you to have all the fun!

Here is the two-page sketch I used as the starting point of each layout I'm sharing this week.

You can also grab the Sketch Support #13 Bonus Sketch Examples!

This month it is a 3-page PDF of 22 different sketch options. That makes 23 sketches for this month of Sketch Support. There are options that show how to change up the papers, use more photos, use less photos, use only 4 x 6" photos, there are three one-page options, and then an 8-1/2 x 11" option. The fun part is that you could use each option as a layout on its own, but you could also mix and match different options for endless possibilities!

Supplies used - Cardstock: American Crafts; Patterned paper: Simple Stories; Chipboard words: Simple Stories; Chipboard flowers: Simple Stories: Die cut phrases: Simple Stories; Nuvo Drops: Tonic Studios; Embroidery floss: DMC; Computer font: Century Gothic

Variation #1 - Enlarging the photo block to fit larger photos.

For this layout I had a set of 4 x 6" photos with a two 4 x 3" photos so I adjusted the photo block to work with that size. I didn't want to use the full 4 x 6" photos because I didn't want the design to go all the way to the top and bottom of the layout mostly due to the design idea I had for the sunburst.

On the right page to create the photo block I used a combination of three 3-1/2 x 5" photos, one 3 x 4-1/2", one 3-1/2 x 4-1/2" photo, one 4 x 2-1/2" photo, and one 3-1/2 x 2" photo. You can easily adjust and adapt a photo block to fit whatever sizes you need in whatever combination you can make work with your photos. It's like creating a picture puzzle.

My main focus when creating my photo block was to have equal margins around the whole block. The 10" height of the whole block gave me 1" of margin above and below the photos so I matched that with the 11" width of my block leaving a 1" margin between the photo block and the right edge of the layout.

I also still followed the general design of the photo block on the sketch by adding a mat to three of the photos in that block. I like how those mats create some separation between the photos and help each one stand out.

I also used larger photos on the left page. Since I was working with 4 x 6" photos and an enlarged design, I decided to crop two of those photos to 3 x 5" and use them in place of the two 3 x 4" photos.

Variation #2 - Enlarging the sunburst to fit the photo block.

I enlarged the sunburst design to match the 11 x 10" size of the photo block. I did this because I wanted to keep that balance that you see on the sketch of both sides of the layout having matching measurements as a whole.

Variation #3 - Replacing strips with different elements.

This is where I had so much fun creating this layout! My stitching-fanatic little heart was so happy creating this part.

I removed every other sunburst strip and replaced it with a hand-stitched design. To create this I...

1. Made my paper sunburst pieces first and adhered them to the layout.

2. Used a ruler and pencil to draw a line from top of the sunburst strip to next top of the sunburst strip showing where the stitched area would stop.

3. Then I used several die cut flower pieces to draw the flower design in those open sunburst areas, never overlapping that pencil line at the top.

4. Next I pierced the holes on the pencil lines. For a design like this my holes are very close together. Some of the flowers are small and with the curved lines throughout them all, I found it best to keep the holes closer together.

5. Finally, I was ready to stitch! This part took forever. And, by forever I mean 10 hours.

6. To finish the look I added some Nuvo Drops in a coordinating color to some of the flowers.

Now, I love stitching and I love the process of it so I don't mind at all spending that kind of time on stitching. However, if you want to create a look like this there are some other options that won't take that kind of time. Here are a few:

• Stamp a design or pattern. Just use masking tape to cover the areas you don't want the stamp to show on.

• Use die cuts or stickers and create a pattern.

• Use a stencil with mists or paint.

• Use a pen and doodle different designs or patterns.

• Fussy cut pieces from a pattern paper.

That's all for day 2! Check back tomorrow for another layout based on this sketch!

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