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Vacation Scrapbooking: Creating a Timeline of the Trip

Several years ago we embarked on quite the road trip. Eight of us (my family and my sister's family) rented an RV and traveled from Missouri to Colorado to California to Arizona and back home. We saw so much and experienced such a range of landscape and sites including Pikes Peak, Disneyland, camping on the beach, The San Diego Zoo, and the Grand Canyon. It was the most epic trip ever!

The crazy part, this was all crammed into a week. It was go-go-go from the very start, always racing the clock to make it to our next destination on time. It was pure chaos and adventure all rolled into one.

I wanted to find a way to document the craziness of it all in one layout. Of course I will complete (eventually) a whole album of the trip with details of each activity and day, but I wanted something that showed it all on one page. Creating a timeline seemed like the easiest way to do that.

The middle of my layout has my title and then a line of numbers. Each number represents that day in July.

To connect the dates to the photos there is a stitched line that leads to a photo with a short description of the activity.

I really wanted to pack in a lot of photos so I printed teeny, tiny 1 x 1" photos and including them on top of the larger, main photos. Would you believe that there are 49 photos on this one layout!

I think from now on, this is going to be a template I follow for all vacations. I love that we get to see a quick glance at the whole vacation in one layout.

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I love the way you layered the 1x1 photos on the other photos. Did you do the stitching before you glued the pictures on or after?


Christina Eckhoff
Christina Eckhoff
Apr 07, 2021

I just ran across you blogs on Pinterest and I'm hooked. I love you ideas and style.

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