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"Cars Cars Cars" and 2 x 2" Photos

My youngest son, Jackson, has been consumed with a love for toy cars from the very moment he wrapped his chubby little fingers around one. Everywhere he went, he HAD to have cars with him. Usually he would have a favorite car clutched in his hand and then a small collection of others stuffed into a large Ziploc bag. For years we would find cars in every corner of our house and backyard and many times they were arranged in his signature arrangement, a straight little line. I probably have hundreds upon hundreds of photos of Jackson and his cars.

He was obsessed.

When I decided I wanted to make a layout about Jackson’s love for all things cars, I knew the biggest challenge was going to be narrowing down the photo selection and also finding a way to fit a lot of photos on one layout. This is when I really love the 2 x 2” photo size. The smaller size allows me to fit a ton of photos on one layout without giving up too much space so I can still have some fun with the design. Because of the smaller size, I was able to include 17 photos on one layout, and one of them was even an enlargement.

As far as design, I wanted to create the look of a road and cars driving along it. One of the easiest ways to create movement on a layout is with a wavy line. I didn’t even make it look like an actual road with black top and lines and such, I just added a wavy line along the bottom of my background pieces, added a wavy stitched line as a border and then some cars, and viola! A road with cars driving along it!

Another idea I’m considering, due to the large volume of “Jackson & his cars” photos that I have, is covering the backside of both pages with all 2 x 2” photos.

Do you ever put anything on the backside of your layouts like more photos, keepsakes, or journaling?

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