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"Catching Snowflakes" and 3x4 Cards

One of the things that developed into the scrapbook world that I’m really happy with is the 3x4” cards. Since the introduction to that size it has opened so many doors for design with both cards and photos. It’s a size that fits perfectly into our scrapbooking layouts since they can be evenly divided and spread out on 12x12” or 24x12” layouts and they pair so nicely with 4x6”, 6x4”, and 4x4" photos. Whoever was the first to introduce those, I salute you!

Sidebar: does anyone know who the first was? Was it the whole Project Life thing? Simple Stories seems to be the first that I can remember we had in the store at Scrapbook Generation.

For this layout I built my design around a block of four 3 x 4” elements: two cards, two photos. I used one card for journaling and one for a little grouping of smaller photos. It’s such simple design, but it’s also a great base, a starting point. It’s one of those designs that you can use over and over and change up the supporting design around it. You could also extend the base design to the top and bottom of the layout by adding another 3x4” photo and card. Another option is to add more 3x4” photos and cards to extend it across two pages.

Since my layout was about catching snowflakes, I created a wavy line of falling snowflakes to support the theme. Along the edge of the wavy line I used white glitter and then used a combination of die cut snowflakes, snowflake stickers, and my go-to snow accent, jewels.

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Love this layout. Noticed on the website that there are a lot of 8x8 paper pads. Is there a class on using 8x8 pads? If no, maybe you should do one - just saying...

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