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Easy 6x6" Paper Pad Design: Four 4" Squares Background

This is go-to design idea that I enjoy using with 6x6" papers. It's a simple square arrangement made up of four 4" squares. It doesn't get much easier than that!

For this particular layout I used four different patterned papers and then added some pink hand-stitched borders along the edges.

I have five 2x2" photos arranged into film strips. Since the topic is about filming my first YouTube video, I felt like the film strips were a fun detail to frame the screenshots of me getting frustrated while filming.

I only had five photos so in the top left square I added some patterned paper and a "this imperfect life" cork embellishment. I also added numbers and some word/phrase stickers to each photo.

With this background of four 4" squares grouped together, there are many photo options you can add on top from a few small photos to a single larger photo. I also like to mix it up and maybe add a 4" photo or two in place of a few squares. You can also easily extend the squares to the edges by adding two more or you can add another page and extend the squares across that as well. It's one of those no-fail design concepts that you can use over and over again!

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