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Easy 6x6" Scrapbook Design

One of the greatest benefits of using 6x6" paper pads on full size layouts is the ease and speed to finish a layout. Especially when using the full sheet as they are.

With this layout I used eight different patterned 6x6" papers to create a background. This took just a few minutes to do and it creates a striking, colorful, and pattern filled background for a simple arrangement of four photos.

To help those photos stand out among all of that color and pattern, I used mostly white cardstock stars to frame the photo block.

I added a few pops of color with patterned paper stars in there too and some different textures as well with some metal and wooden stars.

I highly recommend trying out this background the next time you create with 6x6" paper pads! It's easy and you can adapt it to work with so many different photo arrangements!

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