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Easy Scrapbook Layout Design: Triangles Background

One of my go-to approaches to designing scrapbook layouts is finding a design concept I like and using it over and over. We don't have to completely reinvent the wheel every single time we make a layout. There are ways to take a design concept, use it multiple times, and adapt it to fit different themes or amount of photos and end up with completely different looking layouts.

The layout below is one of those design concepts that I can see myself using over and over again and it's so simple to create.

This is a simple background made up of three patterned paper triangles and one triangle opening exposing the cardstock base.

Here's how I made the triangles:

1. I cut a 6 x 12" piece out of each patterned paper that I wanted to use.

2. Then I used a ruler and pencil to make a mark at the center of one 12" side.

3. From that center mark, I drew a line to the two corners on the opposite long side.

4. Then I used my paper trimmer to cut along those pencil lines.

For the rest of the layout design I used a grouping of photos, my title, the journaling, and some embellishments to the center.

You could easily change up the photo sizes and amounts to use and you can also play around with different embellishment designs.

Here are a few more ways you could use the design concept and change it up:

• Shrink the triangles down a little and leave a margin around the layout.

• Add a fourth patterned paper triangle in place of the open section with cardstock.

• Use two triangles instead of three.

• Fill a triangle with a simple shape like hexagons, circles, or squares to add more detail.

• Fill a triangle with detailed shapes to match your theme like leaves, flowers, hearts, snowflakes, or stars.

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1 Comment

Did you sew around the triangles before or after you adhered them to your background? Nice touch!

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