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"Flowers For Mommy" Using a Free Downloadable Sketch

Both of my boys have always been big on picking me flowers and I have always loved getting them. It’s been one of my most cherished mom moments. Drew grew out of it quick, but Jackson still does it. I will never get tired of it for as long as I live!

I used a free sketch from all the way back in June of 2013 as the starting point for this layout.

I made a few small changes to accommodate my plans. Most of it came down to just shuffling around a few things around to make it work together.

The first and biggest change is the photo(s). The sketch has three smaller photos, but I was only working with one photo. One of the easiest ways to make a sketch work for you and the number of photos you have is to substitute a large photo in place of several smaller photos and vise versa if needed. Generally, they large photo doesn’t have to be the exact size as the total smaller photo size, as long as it’s close you shouldn’t have any problems making it work. You might have to make a few adjustments here and there, but nothing too complicated.

Since the width of my 6 x 4” photo is shorter than the combined width of the smaller photos, that gave me a little extra room to the right of my photo. I used that opening to add my tall flowers. It was an easy way to fill that space while also having some fun with the theme of my layout.

I didn’t want to cover up my flower stems so I moved the title over, above the journaling strips.

If you get a chance to use this sketch be sure to share your layout in the comments of this post. You can download it here:

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