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"My Heart" and Adding Texture to Patterned Paper Designs With Stitching

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Have you ever built your whole layout around one tiny element like a favorite embellishment you are dying to use or a pretty paper that just speaks to you? I did that with this layout. There was something about the “love love love” 4 x 4” card that was calling to me. I was drawn to the colors, the words, the different patterns, and the diamond design.

Since that card was inspiring me, I put it right smack in the middle of my layout and then built the rest of the design around it. I added few small pictures, my title, the journaling, a few strips at the top and bottom of the layout, and then some fun little details like sequins, hearts, and word stickers.

To help that 4 x 4 card stand out (like being in the center of the layout wasn’t enough!) I added some stitched lines in between the diamond pattern. A fun way to add stitching to a layout is to follow along a design on a piece of patterned paper. It is a unique way to add texture to a pattern and make it pop off the page a little.

Some other ways you can use stitching to add some extra details include:

• adding some stitched lines to striped papers

• adding a border/frame to big shapes

• adding details to a floral pattern

• adding it to highlight your favorite parts of a pattern or design

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