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Scrapbook Design Idea: Easy Photo Block Concept

When creating layouts I tend to using the same design concepts over and over and find ways to adapt them to different looks, arrangements, photo sizes, or themes. The layout I'm sharing today is a good example of one of my go-to concepts for two-page layouts.

This concept is super simple! First, I create a photo block on one side of the layout. For this one I have two 6 x 4" photos, one 4 x 6" photo, and a 4 x 2" journaling block arranged to create a 10 x 8" block.

I also added some embellishments to help frame this design.

Then on the opposite page I used a 10 x 8" block of patterned paper and lined it up with the photo block. It's the same size as the photo block. I used this as a background for two 4 x 6" photos and my title.

The whole block, both the patterned paper and the photos, are framed with 1" squares, striped strips, and stitching.

This design concept of matching a paper block to a photo block is so easy and can be adapt to so many different sizes. You can also play around with the patterned paper size and customize it to fit different designs like strips, squares, or hexagons.

What I love about this concept is that I end up with a balanced layout that highlights all of my photos.

You should give it a try sometime!

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