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Scrapbook Design Idea: Strips Leading to Shapes

For me, when I create new designs I'm not always trying to reinvent the wheel. I have several go-to design concepts that I use over and over again. The cool part is that it's very easy to customize these concepts for unique designs. It's a simple as adapting them to different themes, using different supplies or colors, and applying them in different ways. The layout I'm sharing today has one of my favorite design concepts and it's so easy to adapt to lots of different configurations.

Design Concept - Using strips that lead to a shape or embellishment.

I can't even begin to count how many times I have used this and each time results in a completely different look. Here are a few example of layouts I have previous shared here that are all created with this concept:

Each of the layouts above look so different, but you can see that common design of strips that lead to embellishments. The differences are subtle, but when paired with different papers and themes, it produces a unique design.

Here are the main adaptations to the concept with the three layouts above:

Top left: vertical strips in all the same size used as a background.

Top right: horizontal strips in varying widths and lengths used as an accent on the edge of a photo.

Bottom: horizontal strips in varying widths and lengths used in a small grouping above the photos and one below the photos.

Now on to my layout that I'm sharing today using this same concept:

For my "Pizza Love" layout I have three sections of the layout that have three strips with stars at the end. The strips all are the same thickness, but arranged in varying lengths.

The varying lengths is the most common way I use this design. I like that it prevents the shapes at the end from being crowded.

I also like to mix up the size of the shape I use at the end of the strip. With this layout I used three different sizes of stars, alternating their position for each set of strips.

Another extra I like to add to this design are tiny matching shapes that aren't linked to the strips, just for extra detail.

If you are creatively stuck and need an idea, I definitely suggest this concept! You can do so much with it!

This layout is based on a sketch from the Sketches for 6x6" Paper Pads: One-page Sketches download.

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