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Scrapbook Design Idea | Strips that Lead to a Shape

I think we all have design ideas that we gravitate towards often. I know I do! This concept of using a strip that leads to a shape is one that I LOVE doing and it’s such a fun detail.

For this layout I cut the same patterned paper into strips in varying lengths and then added a colorful star at the bottom. I felt like this design concept was a great match for the photos of Drew hanging from the rings in the photos.

I tried to use a variety of color, design, and texture with the stars to ensure that they each stood out. Some are a single patterned paper, some are layered, some have glitter stars, and (of course) all of them have stitching.

To finish the stars design I added lots of teeny tiny stars as well.

It's such a simple concept that can be adapted to so many different layout designs!

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