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Scrapbook Layout: Here Comes Santa Claus

This layout is from a kit I made for our 2021 We Create event. It uses another design concept that I like to use often and adapt to different themes. The concept is so simple too! It's framing a square by adding two embellishment clusters in opposite corners.

For this layout the bottom left corner has a large cluster of trees (Silhouette Design Store #336556) They end up taking up most of the left side of the layout.

There's also a larger cluster of embellishments around the title and journaling.

Then to balance the design there is a smaller cluster in the opposite, top right corner.

It's such a simple concept that you can adapt to fit any theme, amount of photos, size of layout, and more!

The PDF materials from this kit are available at Scrapbook Generation. It includes:

• Full sketch of the layout design that includes measurements and placements.

• Four two-page sketches showing how to adapt this design to fit a two-page layout.

• Five page PDF w/ a large photo of the completed layout and detailed step by step instructions for completing the layout.

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