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Scrapbook Layout Idea: Striped Background

Don’t you love it when you find a paper that works so perfectly all on it’s own?

This diagonal striped paper caught my eye and became the driving force of this layout design. I loved the thickness of the stripes and the pretty pastel colors.

And, it’s so funny how my views on striped paper have changed over the years. Used to I would only cut stripes into smaller strips and use them as accents to tie in the colors of the layout together. Now, I see stripes as a fun and interesting details that can be so much more than an accent!

This layout was so easy because of this striped paper! I cut along the diagonal of the stripe to create a slanted striped background on a piece of white cardstock. Then I added hand-stitching in coordinating colors on each stripe. I love the subtle texture and detail that adds to the background!

For the rest of the layout I used a single photo with some tropical flowers and leaves arranged to create that visual triangle that brings it all together.

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This is gorgeous! What paper line did you use?

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