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Scrapbooking Design: Creating Wooden Planks

A little scrapbooking method that I like to do is to pull an element from my photos and use it to create custom pieces on my layout. To me, it adds a special and personal element to the design.

For this layout I created wooden planks to match the wooden planks in my photos. I have a wooden plank stamp that I used to stamp the wood grain design onto an orange piece of cardstock. Then I cut along the edges of the stamp design.

On the left page I cut a notch out of both ends and arranged them together with a star and some stickers.

On the right page, I used three pieces arranged to look like they were nailed down to create one strip.

To take it a step further I added little "nails" to the ends. They are actually little dots from a large flourish design that I cut out. You could also use brads, Nuvo Drops, or a pen to draw the dots.

If you want to pull elements from your photos to include on your layout look for materials and details like..

• wood

• metal

• stone

• twine

• glass

• ribbon

• cloth

• liquid

• shapes

• colors

• water

• dirt

• grass

• sand

There are a lot of ways you can work those elements into your layout designs!

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1 Comment

Amy Cunniff-Bleau
Amy Cunniff-Bleau
Apr 26, 2021

Absolutely love this technique! I’m definitely going to create these wooden planks on a layout I have in mind.

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