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Scrapbooking Idea: Using Social Media in Your Scrapbooking

If you are on Facebook most likely you know about the "memories" feature that shows you all of your posts throughout the years on a specific day. If you are a frequent poster of your daily life it's your own little social media scrapbook. It never fails that there is a post or two with memories that I completely forgot about. In recent years I have not really been a big fan or user of social media, but the memories feature and the way we can easily document our lives through our posts is definitely a positive and a good argument for regular posting.

That Facebook memories feature is what inspired this layout.

I decided to turn a specific day of Facebook posts over five years into an actual scrapbook layout.

The layout is divided into six 4 x 12" sections. On the far left I used that section for my title.

I used a mix of stitched letters, a die cut, and some Thickers. For the stitched letters I used a set of chipboard letters as a template to trace them onto the cardstock. I used a combination of embroidery floss colors that coordinate with the papers I used.

For the remaining sections, I labeled each one with "1 Year Ago, 2 Years Ago, 3 Years Ago, etc. just like they are labeled on Facebook.

Each section has a different patterned paper with some stitched lines to help each individual section stand out.

For my photos I used a combination of screenshots that include both a picture and my caption, photos without captions, and comments from others.

Social media can be a valuable tool in our scrapbooking since both are a great way to quickly document memories with a simple photo or two and a caption with the story and details. An added bonus with using social media in our scrapbooks is that we can easily include commentary from our loved ones and friends.

Here are a few more ideas using social media in your scrapbooking:

• Use all of the comments, posts, or well-wishes to you for a special celebration like your birthday, anniversary, graduation, births, weight loss or transformations, promotions, achievements and awards, baptisms, holidays, or pregnancy announcements.

• Ask friends and family to provide their favorite memory about a person, event, or place.

• Create a timeline of one day, week, or month. This could be a great monthly overview layout.

• Document funny conversations. My sister and I tend to go heavy and hard on the sarcasm and jokes when our mom posts on social media. A lot of times those end up being hilarious conversations and would definitely be an entertaining scrapbook layout.

• Create a poll or ask a question to see what other's views are on a specific topic.

Social media is a great way to file away your memories, your thoughts, the highlights of your day, your favorite quotes, something noteworthy that happened to you or something funny your kids said and using it can be an awesome source for your scrapbooking!

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Isabel Martinez
Isabel Martinez
Jan 04, 2022

I love it

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